Meet Marianna


I am a Philadelphian who is a transplant from Monte de Procida, Italy.  It’s a seaside town on the Mediterranean set among jagged cliffs with dramatic vistas and if that’s not enough — flanked by lemon tree orchards. The natural beauty of my hometown captivated me as a girl and remains my artistic muse to this day.   

I discovered the joy of learning about regional differences as I traveled widely throughout Italy and Europe. I found myself looking forward to getting to know, understand and appreciate the wide range of cultures considerably removed from my childhood home.

My spirit of adventure brought me to the United States in 2004. I landed in Philadelphia and became General Manager and Event Designer for Positano Coast. While at Positano, I have found what I believe is a lifetime passion and talent for floral design.

In addition to years of imagining and creating floral visions to complement events of all kinds, I have taken formal training and worked one-on-one with professionals in the field. Most notably, I completed the professional program, offered by New York Flower School located in New York city.

I look forward to this next adventure.

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