Have you spotted this ‘Flower Bomb’ in East Passyunk?

A “Flower Bomb,” courtesy of local florist Marianna Coppola, exploded in East Passyunk in the early morning hours on Saturday, October 21st. The target? A light post directly outside the Barcelona restaurant. The once gray pole was now an eruption of bright yellow sunflowers.

The seasonal floral installation, dubbed “Flower Bomb,” began at 3 a.m. with 400 flowers and ended at 7:15 a.m. just in time for Saturday morning traffic. The corner of 12th and Passyunk, close to Coppola’s floral studio, attracted walkers who happily plucked the meant-to-be-shared flowers as they strolled by. “The message is to take these flowers on your journey around this beautiful neighborhood,” says Shannon Reynolds of Creations by Coppola.

“Marianna was inspired by the idea of disruptiveness,” explains Reynolds. “We wanted to do something with a positive message so we created this idea of a seasonal art installation.” The surprise Flower Bomb in the middle of a busy intersection is exactly that—a seasonal, yet beautiful disruption.

Future flower bombs are expected to pop up in other highly-trafficked locations throughout the city. Keep an eye out for the next one coming to a still secret location in December.


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